It’s important to develop a smile that delivers a balanced message between “I’m happy you noticed me,” and “I wasn’t born yesterday so don’t even think that you
just won round one.”

In other words, you want a smile that is bright, alive, and attractive without making
you look like a grinning idiot. And that’s easier to do than you might think.

A good smile is like a good makeup concealer; it can cover up a face that might not
be as attractive as you wish it was, or it can draw attention away from some other
part of your body that you don’t necessarily want him looking at for the moment.

Developing a good smile is just like developing any other character trait. It takes
practice and here’s how you get it.

Go into any room where there is a mirror and where you can be alone. Bedroom,
bathroom, it doesn’t matter. Then stand in front of the mirror and smile. Smile wide,
smile big, smile hard. Make funny faces and laugh at yourself. Think about funny

Notice the difference when you smile naturally over something humorous and when
you force a smile to appear. Smile until your face hurts, take a break and then start
smiling again.

Try to spend at least 30 minutes every day practicing your smile until you can paint it
on your face with no effort at all.

If you can’t hit your stride and are unable to find a smile that “works” seek some help
from people who smile for a living. Seriously, go to the magazine store, buy some
glamour and Hollywood magazines, and bring them back with you to your smile
room. Leaf through the magazines until you find a smile you like and then practice,
practice, practice until that smile appears whenever you need it.